About Minister Leslie (Mailman) Barrett


Christian studies, activities

“We must seek the Lord with devotion (dedication). Our devotion leads to intimacy (knowledge); and intimacy leads to submission (righteousness). Submission leads to fulfillment (excellence). Fulfillment leads to happiness (blessedness), and happiness leads to joy (liveliness). As we desire the Lord, He rids us of deadly, impure sin and we become sanctified (holy). He leads the devout with lifelong grace, mercy, and eternal salvation!”

At the tender age of eight, the spirit led Les to find a church for his family. With the addition of three others, six children were moved from Chicago to New York. Upon returning to Chicago, he was led to another church where he accepted Christ at age twelve. He attended Lindblom Technical High School (‘67-‘71), DeVry (‘80-83) where he received an excellent education that prepared him for leadership in various fields. It was at this time while taking a self-study course in world religions he received the gift of the Holy Spirit; after years of struggle to earn two master’s degree, he received his Doctorate in Christian Ministry 5/2/20 from North Carolina Theological Seminary. He was baptized and is currently serving at:

Proceeding Word Church , an affiliate of the historic Stone Temple Church, 3622 W. Douglas, Chicago 60623.

The Seekers Of Unlimited Life Ministry is headquartered at 1337 S. Millard Avenue, Chicago, IL 60623 (773) 474 – 0451

His radio ministry can be found with this link:


Les accepted his calling from God to preach the gospel of Jesus September 11, 2005. The Bible teaches us to “be fruitful and multiply,” and that’s the reason why he is taking steps in the missionary ministry. He established a clothing drive to benefit hurricane Katrina victims initially; however he has plans to include others who have suffered tragedies. He writes and records music and will soon begin producing gospel videos. He teaches music theory and is in charge of televising the worship services of PWC (established in 1999). As the Lord’s work moves forward through him, Minister Les continues to ask God for a pure heart, humility, loyalty, and new challenges to introduce Christ to the world. He plans to continue his studies in theology, Spanish, sound engineering, and multi-media marketing.

The S.O.UL. Ministry was registered on January 25, 2007 with the municipality of Chicago, enabling the Minister to create jobs. This achievement was born out of his sincere desire to give something back to the community of Mankind. He desires to create a Christian Newspaper featuring his beloved Pastor, and his many friends in the field of ministry. His loving wife Paula was also baptized at PWC, and has been incredibly helpful in organizing his ministry. He has two remaining sons, LaVelle and Lewis (his middle son Quentin was killed in 2014); she has two daughters, Kiara and Alecyn.

5 Responses to “About Minister Leslie (Mailman) Barrett”

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  2. Minister Lisa Daniels Says:

    Minister Les

    You continue to amaze me with the gifts that God have bestowed upon you, this site and its content are excellent and informative. It is a pleasure to be your sister in the ministry. God bless the S.O.U.L. ministry.

  3. Pastor Noah Wanjala Says:

    aise the Lord I am Pastor Noah Wanjala from kenya , i am so happy to come asross your website surely the lord is the one who directed me to you,
    i have Five Churches in Kenya and i am the founder of them , i thank God for his call apon me, iI would like to reques you to be a church fiend and be in touch with me so that we can know each other and even invite one onather it is my prayer thet we come togather and walk togather , I caome from Kenya , and the hurch that i am leading is a pentecostle we believe in the Bible and everything that it comands us to do, i believe that God have a good plan to our lives.
    i have alot of projects that i would like to Share with you , please Pray with me as i Pray with you , i would like us to wolk togather.
    God bless you and Keep you .
    i will be waiting to hear from you soon,
    Have a nice time.
    yours in the Lord Pastor Noah Wanjala. from kenya.

    • therev1 Says:

      I truly, truly apologize for not being able to respond earlier. I am greatly blessed by the warm love of Christ I experienced as I read your words. Be assured that I will pray fervently for your ministry; the world desperately needs brothers, and sisters, of the faith to model godliness before God’s people. I am overjoyed that the Holy Spirit cause you to reach out to me to form what I consider a great Kingdom connection. Stay strong in the Lord, and I’m sure that by His grace you will inspire many more as you do me!

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