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August 7, 2011


1. In the beginning who created the Heaven and earth?

2. Who participated in Creation with the Father?

3. Who was moving upon the deep?

4. On the third Day, what the land and the water were called?

5. What were the two “great lights” called on the fourth Day?

6. What were the sea monsters and birds commanded to do?

7. What did God give Man over all of Creation?

8. How long did Creation take , and what did God do on the last day?

9. After God creating Man, where did He place him?

10. Why did God say He created woman?


1. Identify Adam’s occupation in Eden.

2. Why did Adam call Eve “Eve”?

3. Who was the first to taste the forbidden fruit in Eden?

4. How did God prevent the first family from returning to Eden?

5. What was the occupation of both Cain and Abel?

6. What did Cain say when God asked him about Abel?

7. Identify the son who replaced Abel.

8. What would happen to anyone who killed Cain?

9. Identify the son of Cain who had a city named after him?

10. We all die in Adam; how shall we be made alive? (1st Cor. 15:22).


1. Who did Noah walk with?

2. Name the three sons of Noah?

3. What covenant did God make with Noah after he built the ark?

4. Noah was to bring ____ of each creature, both ____ and ______.

5. How man days and nights did the rain fall?

6. What mountain did the ark rest on after 150 days?

7. When Noah’s dove returned, what proof did it have of dry land?

8. What was the first recorded action of Noah after leaving the ark?

9. When Noah left the ark, what covenant did God make with him?

10. ___ exposed Noah’s nakedness, and received a curse on what son?


1. Before God changed it, what was Abraham’s name?

2. What was Abraham father’s name?

3. Where in Canaan did Abraham and Sarah moved from Ur to?

4. God called Abraham to leave Haran for a “land ________________.”

5. What is the Abrahamic Covenant?

6. Why did Abraham go south to Egypt?

7. Why did Abraham say that Sarah was his sister?

8. Where did Abraham’s nephew Lot relocate?  

9. Name the city that Abraham intercede for?

10. Identify the sacrifice God provided in place of Isaac?


1. Name the prents of Jacob and Esau.

2. Esau was a skilled hunter; what did Jacob do?

3. What did Esau sell his birthright for?

4. Realizing that Jacob stole the family’s blessing, what did Esau plan?

5. Who was Jacob’s first wife?

6. What name did the angel at Jabbok change Jacob’s name to?

7. What did Jacob and Esau do when they met in east Jordan?

8. Identify the two sons of Jacob by Rachel.

9. _____ was buried by his sons Jacob and Esau.

10. Esau is the father of the________?


1. Name the parents of Joseph.

2. For what reason did Jacob love Joseph more than his other sons?

3. Who was the brother who suggested that Joseph’s life be spared?

4. Where did the traders who removed Joseph from the pit take him?

5. How did Joseph’s brother try to fool Jacob about Joseph’s death?

6. How did Joseph respond to Potiphar’s wife advances?

7. What did Joseph tell Pharaoh would happen after 7 years of plently?

8. What Joseph put in his brothers sacks before they left Egypt?

9. Identify the brother held hostage in Egypt until Benjamin arrived?

1o. How did Jacob respond when reunited with Joseph at Goshen?


1. Who was the mother of Moses, Aaron, and Miriam?

2. Who found Moses in the Nile river?

3. Who did Miriam suggest to be the nurse for Moses?

4. Why did Pharaoh’s daughter call the baby Moses?

5. For what reason did Moses kill an Egyptian?

6. Name the daughter of the priest of Midian who Moses married.

7. What was the reason God made Aaron the spokesman for Moses?

8. Identify the reason Miriam was made leperous.

9. What was Aaron’s sin while Moses was on Mount Sinai?

10. Identify the event in which Miriam led a procession of praise.


1. What was Moses doing when God spoke to him at the burning bush?

 2. What was the reason Moses had to remove his shoes?

3. What was the name in Exodus 3:14 that God identified Himself?

4. Why was Moses hesitant to be a deliver?

5. What did Pharaoh say when Moses asked for a feast for the Hebrews?

6. Identify the first of the ten plagues.

7. How did the firstborn of the Israelites avoid the death angel?

8. When leaving Egypt, why didn’t the Israelites use leavening?

9. How did God help the Israelites travel safely day and night?

10. What occured to Pharaoh’s army at the Red Sea?


1. How many years were the Israelites in the desert?

2. Who told Moses to get help to counsel the people?

3. What food did God provide for the complaining Israelites?

4. Who held up the hands of Moses when Joshua fought the Amalekites?

5. What is the Mosaic Covenant?

6. Identify the first of the Ten Commandments.

7. What was the number of spies sent to the land of Canaan?

8. Identify the two spies who gave a favorable report of Canaan.

9. For what reason did God send fiery serpents to the Israelites?

10. After being denied entry, where did Moses view the Promised Land?


1. How did Joshua and Caleb’s report differ from the other ten?

2. How did Moses indicate that Joshua would be his successor?

3. By displaying a red cord in the window, what family was saved?

4. What sign convinced the people to follow the priests across Jordan?

5. What was the significance of the twelve memorial stones?

6. Who was the man with the sword approached by Joshua at Jericho?

7. After marching seven times around Jericho, what occured?

8. What did Joshua ask God to do in order to defeat the Amorites? 

9. Identify the land given to Caleb as an inheritance for his faithfulness?

10. What did Joshua say about his family in his farewell address?