“Too Busy For God!”


Exo. 5:6 And Pharaoh commanded the same day the taskmasters of the people, and their officers, saying, 7 Ye shall no more give the people straw to make brick, as heretofore: let them go and gather straw for themselves. 8 And the tale of the bricks, which they did make heretofore, ye shall lay upon them; ye shall not diminish ought thereof: for they be idle; therefore they cry, saying, Let us go and sacrifice to our God. 9 Let there more work be laid upon the men, that they may labour therein; and let them not regard vain words.

Most of us know that one of the biggest ploys of the Devil is to keep us soo busy that we can not focus on the Source of our being! “It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God (Mat. 4:4).” Why should we trust in Yahweh? Ponder the following.

Point # 1 – Working for “Bread”. By far, workers inSouth Korea have the longest work hours in the world. The average South Korean works 2,390 hours each year, according to the OECD. This is over 400 hours longer than the next longest-working country and 34% more hours than the average in the United States. A typical workweek in South Korea is 44 hours or longer. Most people start their day at 8am and end at around 7pm or later, often having dinner before returning to work.

Until legislation in 2004 that virtually abolished the six-day workweek in large corporations known as “jaebol“, South Korea was the only country in the OECD that worked Saturdays. Work hours in Japan are decreasing, but many Japanese still work long hours. Recently, Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW) has issued a draft report recommending major changes to regulations that govern working hours. The centerpiece of the proposal is an exemption from overtime pay for white-collar workers. South Korea and Japan are the only countries where death by work or “karoshi” (과로사) is a recognized phenomenon (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Working_time).  

Point # 2 – Is there a “Mouth of God”? With the coming of the Atomic Age, beginning with the discovery of radium in 1898 by Madame Curie, came the knowledge that all radioactive elements continually give off radiation. Consider! Uranium has an atomic weight of 238.0. As it decomposes, it releases a helium atom three times. Each helium atom has a weight of 4. With the new weight of 226.0, uranium becomes radium. Radium continues to give off additional atoms until eventually the end product becomes the heavy inert element called lead. This takes a tremendous amount of time. While the process of uranium turning into radium is very long, the radium turns into lead in 1,590 years.

What are we saying? There was a point in time when the uranium could not have existed, because it always breaks down in a highly systematic, controlled way. It is not stable like lead or other elements. It breaks down. This means there was a specific moment in time when all radioactive elements came into existence. Remember, all of them—uranium, radium, thorium, radon, polonium, francium, protactinium and others—have not existed forever. This represents absolute proof that matter came into existence or, in other words, matter has not always existed (www.realtruth.org– click on Complete Archive).

CONCLUSION: God, who is Love (I Jhn. 4:8; Rom. 13:10), has existed before Creation (Isa. 51:12,13), and ORDAINED rest (Gen. 2:2)!

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