“Signs Of The Times!”


Exo. 4:27And the LORD said to Aaron, Go into the wilderness to meet Moses. And he went, and met him in the mount of God, and kissed him. 28 And Moses told Aaron all the words of the LORD who had sent him, and all the signs which he had commanded him. 29 And Moses and Aaron went and gathered together all the elders of the children of Israel: 30 And Aaron spake all the words which the LORD had spoken unto Moses, and did the signs in the sight of the people. 31 And the people believed: and when they heard that the LORD had visited the children of Israel, and that he had looked upon their affliction, then they bowed their heads and worshipped.

What does cars, radio and television, and PlayStation 3 have in common? Obviously they are inventions that took the world by storm, and they represent the sign of their times! Imagine a world without new inventions, that still amasses new problems; the growth of a society would possibly become extinct. Similarly, if we do not allow Christ into our life, it will truly remain that for us “eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him (I Cor. 2:9).” We will not become “new creatures” and thus die (II Cor. 5:17; Jhn. 8:21).

A major factor in the retardation of our “newness” is the concept of dross. Isa. 1:22 reads, “ thy silver is become dross, thy wine mixed with water: 23 Thy princes are rebellious, and companions of thieves: every one loveth gifts, and followeth after rewards: they judge not the fatherless, neither doth the cause of the widow come unto them.” Again, Eze. 22:19 states therefore this is what the Sovereign LORD says: ‘Because you have all become dross, I will gather you into Jerusalem. 20 As men gather silver, copper, iron, lead and tin into a furnace to melt it with a fiery blast, so will I gather you in my anger and my wrath and put you inside the city and melt you.” Dross really prohibits us from attaining the“blessings of God”!

Cain, Lot, and Esau are types of people who missed God’s blessings because they walked by sight, and not by faith. Their worship was impure (dross) and “brutish”, and was more concerned with natural needs than spiritual order (II Pet. 2:12-22). However, the KEY SCRIPTURE shows that God wants to anoint “Aarons” (2nd in command) to teach people under the instruction of a “Moses”! Also, it’s God’s Will for husbands to speak God’s Word to wives to teach kids God’s Way or conduct (I Cor. 15:22-28; Prv. 6:20).

However, many times immature men are influenced by their carnal women to act contrarily to God’s Will with catastrophic results! This trend started with Eve who convinced Adam to disobey God. Disunity, disbelief, and disorder are asign of the times” (Mat. 16:3) depicting ignorance of God’s Plan for our purity, accountability, self-restraint, progress, order, excellence, and Christ-mindedness! God’s Plan must be acknowledged to achieve God’s “fullness”, which dwells in Jesus (Col. 2:9; I Cor. 11:3). To alleviate rebelliousness men must be Christ-like, while women help them gain authority, (Prv. 31:23) to ensure stability within the family which is key for generational blessings. HALLELUJAH!

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