8 CO V E N A N T S That God Made With Man


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A covenant is a solemn oath that is binding on all parties. By perusing (examining) God’s covenants we are able to get an insight on how our failures deleteriously (harmfully) affects the relationship. Starting with The First Covenant (or Edenic CovenantGen. 2:15-17), God enjoined (forebode) Man NOT to eat from the Tree of Good and evil, although all the other trees in the Garden did not have this same constraint.

The Second Covenant (or Adamic CovenantGen. 3:14-19) reveals punitive actions that resulted from Man’s failure in the First Covenant. Note the Victory of Christ over Satan implied in the passage by God.

The Third Covenant (or Noahic CovenantGen. 9:1-19) ended the use of floods to destroy Man, and though God still expects obedience, He instituted Human Government to arbitrate the outbreak of Man’s sin. Gen. 10 gives us an ethnological account of Man, and globally divides the descendants of Japheth, Ham, and Shem (Noah’s sons) for the most part to live in the east, west, and central portions of the then-known world respectively.

The Fourth Covenant (or Abrahamic CovenantGen. 12:1-3) was inaugurated after the fiasco at the Tower of Babel, and is for the “scions” (descendants) of Abraham. His two sons Ishmael and Isaac are correspondently the progenitors (ancestors) of the Arab and Jewish nations (Gen. 25:12-34). The Apostle Paul discusses the difference between the sons’ mothers in Gal. 4:21-31. Isaac’s progeny, twin sons Esau and Jacob’s story also seemingly presents a case for disharmony. However, please read Gal. 5:14-26 (“…love thy neighbors as thyself…”), and Rom. 4:13 (…“promise…through the righteousness of faith.”).

The Fifth Covenant (or Mosaic Covenant) – Exo. 19:5 was required due to the magnitude of Man’s sin, and was to illustrate how the theocratic government of a holy Israel (and indeed the world) will benefit from God’s providence. Again in Gal., we learn that the Law to the Believer (3:19-24) was to be our “schoolmaster to bring us to Christ.”

The Sixth Covenant (or Palestinian CovenantDeu. 30:3-10) deals with:

(1) dispersion,    

(2) repentance, 

(3) return,     

(4) restoration,   

(5) conversion,    

(6) oppressors’ judged, and    

(7) prosperity.

Israel hasn’t as yet taken the land under the Abrahamic Covenant, nor possessed the whole land (Gen. 15:18/Num. 34:1-12).

The Seventh Covenant (or Davidic CovenantII Sam. 7:16) establishes the Eternal Throne of the House of David from which Jesus descended. So when the Israelites demanded a king like the other nations, it didn’t end the theocratic government – only postponed it until the imminent rule of God and the Lamb (Rev. 22:1).

The Eighth Covenant (or New CovenantHeb. 8:8-13) secures the eternal blessedness of the Fourth Covenant to all Believers! It began with the Crucifixion and is the final irreversible agreement to Man. God will put His law in our mind and write them in our hearts to forgive us of sin, which will at long last face oblivion.

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