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 “My son, keep thy father’s commandment, and forsake not the law of thy mother” – Prv. 6:20.

As we learned earlier, God utilized order in (1) Creation, which was reflected in (2) The Dispensations (time periods of Mankind‘s development), and also mirrored in (3) our personal development. It started with consciousness, discernment, morality, transitory, law abiding, refinement, and end with perfection. For guidance, we need our “father” the commandments, and our “mother” the statutes. While the father gives us life (Prv. 7:2), the mother shows us how to live (Deu. 12:1)!

While we honor dad because of a fear of being punished, we honor mom for fear of being embarrassed. Though Pop is protective, mom is concerned that we have good table manners, are fluent, have on clean underwear, etc.; parents play a vital role in our lives! Did you notice that when people go see a psychiatrist, they are asked about the roles of their parents?

In Psychoanalytic theory

Our attitudes, behavior, and conditioning (self-talk)

is based on parental issues.

These issues create a complex.

Electra Complex: girl has aggression toward mother while having desires for the father.

Oedipus Complex: boy has aggression toward father while having desires for the mother.

Negative Oedipus Complex: child has aggression for opposite parent; has desires for same sexed parent.

This third complex, when it’s masked, seems to have the most damaging effect on human relationships. A story to exemplify this complex involves some executives hanging out in a bar after work. The ringleader says, “this was a rough day; I’ve got to go home and kick the dog, and beat my wife.” All the other guys laugh and go on drinking. The next day, the misfit of the group comes to bar and tells the ringleader, “yeah, I beat my wife good; I really laid it on her!” Totally alarmed, the shocked ringleader’s response was, “I was just talking, I love my wife, are you crazy?” This misfit, though married, sought love from these men.

This next example centers on a woman who has a good man, however her main interest is in showing her “posse” how well she can manipulate him. Abuse in this case may not be as physical as it is psychological, yet the aim is to direct aggression toward the opposite sex! Such actions may also include affairs, aloofness, and an allusiveness of love although bonding never takes place. (Gen. 2:20-25, 3:1-6). Though God created women to help men, this woman desires to “teach” other women about “playing the field” (Gen. 2:20-25; 3:1-6)! Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands (Prv. 14:1).”

There is no way this Newsletter can cover this psychoanalytical theory entirely, however maybe it will give us a little understanding on the importance of forgiveness! In the movie “WOMAN THOU ART LOOSED a young woman, who was sexually abused as a child, killed the stepfather who committed this heinous act. To add to the misfortunes in this movie, he was just starting to get it right with the Lord when she shot him. It is with much humility that I ask all of you parents to live honorably! Imagine how different their lives would’ve been if he’d devoted himself to teaching God’s Word. Amen! 





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